Thursday, November 21, 2019

Drug Court Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Drug Court - Research Paper Example That individual has the liberty to either call the required coordinators or a request in writing can be sent to the appropriate authorities as well. Furthermore, if the person wants to be a part of the Miami Dade Countys Drug Court program and wants to acquire some information regarding that place, then the applicant should contact the Drug Court Coordinator who shall help the individual in simplifying matters. The person who becomes a part of the Drug Court Program will be able to graduate after a minimum of a 12 month period. In this time, the client will have to attend different training sessions, must show good behavior to the norms of that place, must portray the recovery from the drugs in a positive way and must be able to cast in all the payments to the court for the treatment. (Peter Finn, 1993) Only after complying with all these steps a request is sent by the counselor to the judge to let go that individual. Though the final decision rests in the hands of the judge but once set free, the graduate can file a request to wipe out all the records of his stay in the program. On the contrary, if the individual fails to complete the minimum time period of that program and constantly tests positive for drug usage, then the person will be dropped off the training setup. To worsen the conditions the client will be tried in the criminal court and if convicted, will have to serve and spend time in the jail for the wrong doings.(Jason A Oetjen, 2003) This option is chosen very rarely and in extreme cases where the drug offender refuse to let go their appetite of having drugs. Otherwise, everyone works hard enough to find a way to treat the participant to clear the obstacles. If a rule is broken or the progress is unsatisfactory, the drug court doesn’t take the applicant to the criminal court right away, rather they look into the set of events that prompted the person in complying by the rules

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