Friday, February 28, 2020

Learning Theory Into Practice Project Assignment

Learning Theory Into Practice Project - Assignment Example It is, therefore, crucial to link this game of opening the student mind to appropriate theories such that the process of teaching them may be more appropriate and comprehensive. Business simulation games are also referred to as economic simulation games. These are games focused at on making sensible decisions by the players towards financial management by forming business (Williams, 2010). Since these games are geared to make the players rich, they are also known as tycoon games. They help the player who is also the learner to develop managerial stimulation of pure business simulations devoid of a construction element with emphasis on micromanagement (Klassen & Willoughby, 2013). They have a design of a numeric form although they capture the player’s attention by the rich graphics they employ. However, what makes this games be of more educative value is an accurate recreation of the real world events using these algorithms (Klassen & Willoughby, 2013). Either the player’s actions can lead to either a consequence or a well-expected outcome Currently, business simulation games form an eï ¬â‚¬ective method of learning in management. They provide a modern way of approach in teaching and imparting of knowledge to business students in the modern enterprise. It is true that these games also help to form and develop an enterprising culture in learning techniques of modern management (Ahmad, 2012). A person, who has been through this process, has an excellent probability to be a business manager, with the ability to make right decisions in the current condition of cutthroat market competition. When these individuals start work in management position they find themselves in a situation they can make better financial risks of own decisions (Ahmad, 2012). Therefore, this game forms a basis of a different but crucial form of training for teachers and students in management as future leaders. This is why it seems so important to use diï ¬â‚¬erent forms of

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